do you?

Do you ever feel when you try to trust somebody soooo hard,
even everyone around is against you and give you that ‘what-the hell-are-you-doing?’ look,
you keep on going, no matter what…
Then, you start to trust that person more and more…
But it turns out, this person don’t really trust you and doubt you..
Do you know how it feels when every single thing you do,
there’s this person that always assume, always think that you don’t let him know the truth..?
i did tell the truth.
i never been this honest to anyone else before..
maybe it’s not enough for him..
but what i say is more than enough..
yeaa…i know, not everyone can get me that easy..
do you ever know how it feels, when you try your best to be liked..
it turns out to be a really not-useful-stupid effort that you ever did..
usually i can take it…
it feels a lil’ bit hurt..
the more i know, the more i’m trying, but,’s useless….
Do you ever feel like you’ve been treated with no respect?
once, twice, i’m fine..
but, imagine if it’s happend like..often.. *sigh*
do you just stand there, or steppin out?
cos now i’m steppin out..
just can’t take it anymore..
do you ever know how it feels to be hurt? i mean,really really hurt and feel so tired of all things that happens.
so, i just end this up……..


Anything in minds?

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