I’m waiting for dewi ‘dee’ lestari’s newest book come to my house!
Can’t wait..can’t wait..

It’s called RECTOVERSO..

already read the website..already listen to the music..
and it’s great!

i ordered it immediately when i see the link for buy the book and the cd online..
said that if you buy the rectoverso special edition, you’ll get more than a book and cd..
you’ll get a sticker, poster and dee’s autograph..

Wants to get all those stuff also?
you could visit the website ———-

See it yourself..and discover how great the book is.. :p


I found my favorite line from the book, just as the same as my recent life..

…if once we had decided to forget,
then we alone can decide to remember.
We all started the same journey.
This had been illusion of a journey,
for it didn’t have a start and didn’t have an end.

Taken from Back to Heaven’s Light fiction.


Anything in minds?

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