My Private Beach!

As i saw the Laskar Pelangi Movie, i instantly wants to visit their beautiful shooting spot.
its Bangka and Belitung island.
Finally, on January 2009 i go to the island. To Bangka only, since if i want to go to Belitung too, i have to cross using  another boat to go there.
Only spent 3 days there though, i landed on Bangka island by plane and stay one night on the city called Pangkal Pinang.
On the next day, i went to the beach area, i have to drive about 1.5 hour to go to the Parai Beach.
When i get there, woooow! i feel that the beach is MINE. mwahahahahaha (evil laugh)
No one is there and the beach is a great beauty!

The airport

SPOTTED. Orange Little Thing (Hey, that’s me!)

Parai Beach, Bangka

Parai Beach, Belitung



Anything in minds?

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