Coldplay and Joe Satriani

Last week,
Me and some friends talkin’ about the Coldplay concert held in Singapore, March 23, 2009.

Then, topic about Coldplay plagiarizing Joe Satriani came out

Jadi keinget lagii jadinya..
Late 2008 lalu, Joe Satriani menuntut Coldplay.
Joe Satriani menganggap lagu “If I Could Fly” miliknya yang dibuat tahun 2004 diplagiat Coldplay di lagu “Viva La Vida” yang ada di newest Coldplay album.

Terus this thing bikin si Botak jadi lose his interest ke Coldplay deh..

Back then, gw ngga pernah ngurusin, karna i lovee Coldplay, so i just don’t care..and i never heard the Satriani’s song alsoo..tapii, jadi penasaran juga..

Many people said that:
1. Viva La Vida have the exact same tempo and groove with If I Could Fly
2. Viva La Vida also have the same chord changes with If I Could Fly, cuma starting chordnya aja yang beda

What do you think?


And untill today, masih ngga jelas juga how the case ends..


Anything in minds?

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