Do Some Act of Random Kindness

Have you ever do an act of random kindness before?

Have you ever receive an act of random kindness before?

If your answer is no, nope, or not yet, you may have missed one great source of self satisfaction.


Because by doing a random kindness,
you are doing little things wheatear spontaneously or planned,
to a person that you already know or to a complete stranger,
it is making a very great effect to your feelings and also help sharpen your senses.

You will somehow feel happy, comfort, satisfy and feel that you already do something meaningful to your life and others.

Because maybe the little things that you do,
it turns out to be a very big thing for others that receive your kindness.

You are doing an acts of random kindness by giving something from the heart, without expecting anything in return.
You will learn about respect.

By doing a random kindness you will respect others,
and the other person that receive your kindness also going to respect you.

It will be great if the receiver could pass on the random kindness to other person,

and this act could go on and on.

And on and on.

Imagine the world full of person doing some act of kindness to other people.

I think it will be a very comfort world to live in.

Am i right?

Let us at least try to do a random kindness today.

Starting from someone near to us.


You could,

Give up your seat on the bus

Share your snack with the homeless children

Smiling to others

Help someone collect his fallen book

Share your time with your friend and listen to their stories & problems

Make a coffee for your father in the morning without being asked

Singing or humming your favorite song.

Encourage someone

Say thank you to others

Call someone just because

Share a kind word


There are a whole lot other ideas out there you can do.

Because the world needs more love.

Because you can.


2 thoughts on “Do Some Act of Random Kindness

  1. Yup..You'll always feel great when ever you help other people!Maybe not instant happiness but eventually it'll comeI once had a friend. Told me that he wanted kids but he and his wife had tried numorous ways with zero resultsSo i thought I'd give them some help!I went to his house when he's out of town, give the wife a helping hand and voila!! Now I cant be happier seeing the smile everytime my friend there sees the child in the middle of they're family


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