Perahu Kertas

I’m in love. 🙂
In love with this book..
Perahu Kertas by Dee is just automatically make me drawn to these simple yet very touching story made by a very talented writer.
This book just rolling my emotions around , one page just make me smile, even laughing my ass out! :)) but another page just make me so thrilled and terribly sad.
Well, i don’t want to spoil around the story, i just recommend this book for you to read.. 🙂
Not as heavy as Supernova and not as light as other teenlit.
Perahu Kertas published in a digital form,
And in a regular printed book,
You could choose any form that suited you. Enjoy! 🙂

ps: if you curious about the making of this book, you could check in HERE


Anything in minds?

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