(our) Hawaii

After taking a pause from traveling for a while because the lack of budget, me and my ‘Circle of Death’ spent our weekend on this place called ‘Hawaii’. Noo, it’s not like what you’re thinking. I am not going away to the real Hawaii, just a nice resort on Labuan, Anyer.
A weekend getaway that we all need!

The resort is new and somewhat adapt the Hawaiian thing.
They offer a ukulele lesson, hula dance lesson and guitar lesson for the guest, the coolest thing was, the teacher is a real Hawaiian. 😉

I met lots of Hawaiian on this resort, when i asked, it’s about 60 Hawaiian living on this resort.
hmm, embracing the cultural exchange i guess – never got a chance to talk any further with them though.

Too bad that they don’t have a real beach, the back of the resort is just straight to the ocean with coral everywhere. So, we have to drive back to another place to enjoy the real beach (meh).

But we have a great time this weekend, gotta do some more!


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