Human Enough?

# When you want something, do you try to get it?


And more you try.

# When you got something, did you stop?


And more

You need more of those.


And more

‘till you’re satisfy.

# Are you going to be satisfied?


You need more.


And more

Then you got it all.

# You happy?


You search for more.

You just wants more ‘till you lose it all somehow.

# Well, you’re just human. We are all.

Dec 6, 2009 | Plaza Indonesia


3 thoughts on “Human Enough?

  1. # are you going TO be satisfied? N # you happY?hi jess..That's nice …but i disagree with thOse wOrds…coz i thiNk we must satIsfieD n ofcourse ,happy… when we got all what we want ..!!! that's for me.. well , atleast, we must know when we must stop " want more… n more.. " n that's better, then lose it all .. somehow…. hihihi… # Well, im just human n We are all. c",)


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