Not Your Ordinary Party

Feelin’ in the mood for party? While trying out something new?

If your answer for those question are ‘yes’, you should try to visit this famous bar at Seminyak.

Seminyak on daylight, you could relax on the Seminyak beach or find your self a nice restaurant which lining all along the street, sipping a refreshing tropical juice while looking at the complete scenery of the beach. Starting from sunset, lots of clubs and bars start to wake up from their nap.

Oh, did I forgot to tell you that this particular bar is a gay bar.

Run across a bit from all the thick culture in Bali, in my humble opinion, this bar is worth to visit. For those who is completely straight, admitted to be straight, try to keep yourself straight, still searching for your real soul, feeling curious and interest and obviously for those who’s gay inside and out.

Raised your eyebrow when reading my sentence before? Interested but having too much ego? Or smiled because this is exactly what you need? 😉

The bar name is Bali Joe.

With a daily gogo dancers, drag queen and cabaret show that will blow your mind, and plus a cheap price of the drinks will complete your experience.

In fact, some of the performers are way prettier than me!! (damnit)

Yeah, this kind place everywhere will offer you a new perspective of thinking I suppose.

Different with many people though, but then you will and have to learn to accept other people that maybe not having the same path as you, side by side sharing a moment with you. Fun time!

Bali Joe | Dhyana Pura Street Arcade 8, SeminyakBali | 62361-730931


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