I CRAVE #1 Walk-in Closet!

Yep, walk-in closet is one of my ultimate craving (!!!)


  • You could organize as many stuff as you want on those small but comfy OR massive and luxurious corner of your closet.
  • Enjoying the scenery around you when you’re finished organizing your thingy– alphabetically, color order, type order, or even brand order.
  • Super easy to find whatever your stuff is wherever you probably put them (as long as you keep it neat ;p)



Check several dreamy walk-in closet that i found, makes me drool!

Little cute closet corner

Lovin’ the earth color and the vintage touch!

Monochrome closet

See? Put whatever you want and still organized!

Classy yet full of rack closet

Closet with chandelier, what a theme!

Remember Sex and The City the Movie? This one is Carrie’s closet 😉

Nanette Lepore super artsy closet

The diva itself. Mariah Carey closet!

Frickin massive closet, Chistina!


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