In Quest: Face Moisturizer #01 — L’occitane – The Ultra Matte Fluid

Now, at my twenty something age, I (think) I need to start using some skin care for my face to take care my skin from all the make up abuse I’ve been doing day to day. Not so much of a make up user though, but somewhat I like to experiment on make ups – with all the new bb cream, cc cream, that new lipstick line, etc.

Enough blabbering – so, now I’m in quest of searching for a perfect product for my skin. Or maybe not perfect, but suits me just right.

My skin tends to be oily on the T-area but during the day, the oiliness will be add up more and more.

For example, if I want to hangout after office hour, I tend to blot my face, clean them with wet tissue or even wash it first before I’m out the door.

Some items are interesting and have great review on the internet. So when I was looking at the mall, some products caught my eyes; from Keihls, Sampar, Laneige, YSL, etc.

Then, I went to L’occitane store and check some product out. The beauty advisor explain the products for oily skin – its from the Angelica Series called Ultra Matte Fluid.

Not making up my mind yet, on my way out from the store the beauty advisor gave me a sample of the Ultra Matte Fluid for me to try (Yeah, talking about a freebie!)

This yellow flowery packaging sample consist of 1,5ml products. The beauty advisor said that it could be for 2 times use.

This product claims:

As the ideal care for oily to combination skin: skin mattified, purified and radiant (Cited from the back of the packaging).

This is already the 2nd day I use it – meaning, I already use it like 4 times and I bet this sample could last for 3 more days for me (yay!)

First look:

When I squeeze the products out, it’s not as concrete as lotion but not as liquid too. More like gel texture I guess?

After use, yes it actually feels like gel and I can feel the matte texture in my face instantly.

I love love the smell. It’s flowery smell but seems like I smell a hint of aloe vera. The scent not that strong though, so for you who don’t like scent on your skin care might like ’em.

What I don’t like is, the products feel sticky in my hand so I feel like I have to wash my hand after put this product on.
Still going to try them until it runs out and get back with my final thoughts about this. But so far, so gewd! 😉


Anything in minds?

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