Jubilare for all your jubilee moments

Why I stated such things as the title? Because this place is THE place you can celebrate your anniversary, birthday or even a simple self celebration to thankful for all good food existed in this world *wink

Located in a quiet neighborhood of Sukajadi, Bandung – West Java area (kinda’ tricky to find this place though). This restaurant is in an old house form just like most of restaurant in Bandung. If you visit Jubilare on nighttime (like i did), upon arriving this restaurant looks so nice with the entire hanging lamp coming from the outdoor area.

Since this restaurant have a dim lighting set, so mind all the pixelated pictures will you? #phonecamerasux


The outdoor-outdoor area

They have 3 areas; the outdoor-outdoor area, the indoor area and indoor-outdoor area. The nice thing about the last area; it has indoor feels but it actually located at the backside of the restaurant.


Still the pixelated pics; the indoor-outdoor area

So, you will have 3 feelings when you’re having a meal at this restaurant. The gardeny feels, the formal & elegant feels and last one is the semi formal feel. All three will complement whatever moods you have at the time.

Looking at the menu, all dish seems really appealing and have quite affordable price for a fine dining restaurant.


“There is no love sincerer than the love of food” EXACTLY

The waiter is really friendly and seems to know every bits of the meal very well – he can spell out the ingredients on each meal that I asked (and i asked a lot).

When my food is served, I was pleased with the presentation and (OMG) the taste!

My Escargot (IDR 41k) and my Tenderloin AUS (IDR 220k) was really spot-on!

THEN, between the appetizer and the main dish, the waiter serves me sorbet to neutralize the taste in between meal – such a proper serving, huh?


Sorbet to neutralize your tastebuds

Oh, they also have list of good wine when you need one.

When I’m in town, I will surely come back when I crave a bite of good-proper meat.



Jl. Karangsari no. 14, Bandung 40161, Indonesia


+62 22 95555586



Social Media:

(Twitter) @jubilarebdg

(Instagram) @jubilaredinewine


Everyday – 11AM up to 10:30PM




  • You can tell that the food is properly made which resulting a very nice meal
  • Smart waiter is a major aspect of a great restaurant, and this one definitely got a badge for it
  • This place opens until quite late considering this is a full meal course restaurant


  • Since I’m not a local, it’s kinda’ tricky to find this place

Total Damage: 2 person = IDR 335.000 (with tax 10% & service charge 5.5%)

Happiness level: 8.5 out of 10


Anything in minds?

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