Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Review

While everyone fuss about Tom Cruise on this newest Mission Impossible movie, some other things caught my eyes when watching this movie, and it ain’t the gorgeous Mr. Cruise.

1. Casablanca, Marocco

As a die hard traveler, when this city landscape appear on the scene, i’m amazed with the city exotics architecture and the city color schemes.

Casablanca is the country’s economical and cultural capital in Marocco that have it own perks when compared to other city in Marocco for their exotics culture and architecture.

If you’re hypnotize by the outdoor pool at the movie, maybe visit Lagoon Lodge for the hands-on experience. This lodge is a paradise in the middle of farm and sea for your best view while staying there.

exterior_15  exterior_10 exterior_8

The cultural and exotics architecture makes me wants to book a plane ticket and travel there, like right now *gasp*


2. That Jimmy Choo shoes

Still stuck in my mind how Jurassic Park makes Bryce Dallas Howard run around the park on her heels. And now, gorgeous shoes once again starring on Mission Impossible 5.

Start from the shoes that Ilsa use in the kidnapping scene,


down to the shoes she wore on that Vienna opera.

Practical yet gorgeous shoes ❤

HODELETE HFA Rebecca Ferguson plays the role of Ilsa in


3. Lipstick/ Flash Drive Device

Don’t we all wants our favorite shades of lipstick can also turns into flash drive anytime we need to store important data?

Well, that device is not available for market yet though, but this one shop on Etsy can make one flash drive with your favorite lipstick look alike packaging. I might go for one cause hey, a flash drive lipstick!

3d15e53ac8c4a5dc_il_fullxfull.603899460_1u9r.xxxlarge 64f447488781b85b_il_fullxfull.558566542_86d0.jpg.xxxlarge

I also intrigued by the underwater suit and the motorcycle and Benji red jacket.

What else caught your eyes while watching this movie?

Meanwhile, the movie score for me is around: 7.5 out of 10


Anything in minds?

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